Understanding the Kasambahay Law (Part 5): Pag-IBIG or HDMF Employer Registration

So we are already registered as household employers with SSS and Philhealth. We have also registered online for Pag-ibig but has yet to receive our Employer Number.

This is now Part 5 of our quest to understand and comply with the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Batas Kasambahay. Please click on the links to visit my previous posts.

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Employer Registration

Pag-ibig or HDMF registration can be done online via www.pagibigfund.gov.ph and click on e-services.


Step 1 - Select employer registration to register as household employer.

Click on Employer Registration

Step 2 - Fill up the employer's registration form

Here's the instructional page for employer's online registration system:

1. The REGISTER EMPLOYER Data Entry Page (Head Office/Branch Office) shall facilitate the data entry and capture of the Employer’s information.
2. Listed below are the required information that must be provided:
A. Business Name (Per DTI/SEC Registration)  - Type here your name as Household Employer
B. Branch Name (if applicable) - ignore
C. Business Address
D. Business E-mail Address
E. Employer Classification - choose Activities of Private Households as Employers 
F. Start Date of Business Operation - the hiring date of your first household helper
G. Nature of Business
H. At least one (1) Contact Information
I. At least one(1) Authorized Signatory with designation
3. The additional information that may be captured by the system are as follows:
A. Retirement Plan
B. Philippine Business Registry Number
C. DTI/SEC Registration Certification Number
D. Tax Identification Number (TIN)
E. Employer’s SSS ID No.
F. Agency/Branch/Division Code
G. Previous Business Name/s
4. Below listed fields accept the characters dash (-) and apostrophe (‘)
A. Business Name B. Branch Name C. Previous Business Name
5. The following fields do not accept special characters (i.e. - , / , . , “ , ’ , etc.):
A. Business Address B. Contact Numbers C. TIN D. SSS Number E. Philippine Business Registry Number F. DTI/SEC Registration Certificate Number
6. Only Numeric values are acceptable in the following fields:
A. TIN (should contain 12 digits) B. SSS (should contain 10 digits) C. Philippine Business Registry Number (should contain 15 digits) D. Contact Numbers
7. Email address should contain the “@” sign to be considered complete.
8. Please take note of the recommended (acceptable) abbreviations for addresses
Field Correct Format
Floor 6F(6th Floor)
GF(Ground Floor)
LGF (Lower Ground Floor)
UL (Upper Level)
6L(6th Level)
UGF (Upper Ground Floor)
Mezz (Mezzanine)
LL (Lower Level)
Building BLDG
Block (Alphanumeric) 20 20A
Lot 27 27B
Phase 1 1A
Street No. and Name 25 K2ND
6750 AYALA
Subdivision SUBD VILL (Village)
VILLA (Villa) VILLE (Ville)
9. Please make sure to key-in the captcha or the image shown below and click the “Submit” button to execute the registration process. By clicking the Submit button, the information and all the statements provided in this registration system are being certified as true and correct.
10. The system adopts a session time-out of 15 minutes to prevent misuse. If you encounter this, simply log-in again and start over with filling up information.

The Successful Registration page shall indicate that the registration process was completed.

Step 3 - Print the Employer's Data Form (EDF) and submit to the Pag-ibig Office (so that you will be issued your Pag-ibig Number) together with the following documents and the initial payment of contribution:

2. Proof of registration with the SSS (duly stamped received R-1 and R-1A)

3. Accomplished Member's Data Form (MDF) for your household helper/s

4. Members Contribution Remittance Form (MCRF) 

Alternatively, you can fill up the manual Employer's Data Form and submit the same to a Pag-ibig Office.

You may also refer to the registration process flowchart in the pag-ibig website.

How much is the contribution?

The Kasambahay law requires the employer to shoulder the whole contribution if the salary of the helper is less than P5,000.  For example, if your helper receives P3,000 salary, the contribution the employer has to shell out is P120 per month or 4% of P3,000. That's P20 more than our own employers contribute for us!

I'll make a separate post on the household helper online registration with Pag-ibig.


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