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Let's Not Forget Voluntarism


Solving the Gun Control and Budget Impasses


Rock Stars of Personal Finance

Now some fun stuff for the end of the school year. Rock 'n’ Roll comes to Personal Finance. Check out this cool video published by Period 5 Personal Finance Class on Dec 17, 2012. I don’t know the name of the school that published this video. If you have more information please pass it on to me.  I smile every time I watch it. This teacher really knows how to make class fun. I give her and her students 5 stars on their enthusiasm and performance. If you have a fun personal finance video that your students created and you would like to see it on this blog - drop me a line.

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Ohhh, My First Car Assignment

A Great Personal Finance Lesson Plan for the Spring!
Ohhh My First Car is a great assignment for keeping kids interested, especially at the end of the school year when the weather warms and their thoughts drift off to summer break.They may even be thinking about tooling around in their dream car with their best friend or girlfriend.If you need a lesson to keep your students focused check out Ohhh My First Car.It’s the kind of lesson that grabs kids’ attention and holds it all the way through.

It is a great lesson for any Personal Finance class, but if you happen to have a class full of rambunctious boys in the Spring this lesson will keep them engaged.

One of the more memorable moments of my teaching career was when a student of mine stopped by after school one Spring day. He had taken my Personal Finance class two years prior, and was now ready to buy his first car!He remembered learning how to calculate car payments in the Ohhh My First Carlesson.And now all…