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Wall Street on the Prairie: How Financial Innovation and Regulation Cajoled Citibank into South Dakota

This is the speech that I delivered Tuesday, March 12,
2013 at 05:30 PM at the MUSEUM OF
AMERICAN FINANCE at 48 Wall Street in New York, NY to a crowd of about 40-45.

Thanks to my dear friend, Museum
president David Cowen, and the Augustana College Thought Leader Forum committee
for inviting me to speak to you tonight. I have a foot in both Manhattan and
the Great Plains and hence had a lot of fun completing the background research
for this speech and writing it up in a way that avoids, or pokes fun at,
technical terms like regulatory arbitrage and disintermediation. A more formal
analysis of the Citibank episode and South Dakota’s other economic development
efforts will appear in my forthcoming book, Little
Business on the Prairie: Entrepreneurship and Prosperity in South Dakota
to be published by Augustana College’s Center for Western Studies soon after I
complete the manuscript later this year. Or next. Or the year after that.
Having achieved tenure and middle age at the same moment, time, like…

Modern Day Gypsy Guide: 7 Tips on How to Make Your Money Last

While in Belize with a group of MBA students, I met Vienda, self-proclaimed ‘Modern Day Gypsy’. Her life is the true essence of frugal fun. In the spirit of spring break, we invited her to share a posting on the topic of travel, fun and frugality.
Modern Day Gypsy Guide: 7 Tips on How to Make Your Money Last
I've been travelling around our pretty globe for 10 years now covering over 30 countries, with a couple of pit stops along the way; 18 months in London and 2 1/2 years in Sydney. People whom I meet along the way often ask me how I do it. I work, naturally, and have several different income streams but that's a post for another day. 
How much money you have is generally less important than what you do with that money. Travels can last much longer if you use your money in thoughtful and clever ways, and think outside of the box. Here are seven of the most poignant tips on how to make your money last.
1. Be Flexible. Being flexible is probably the No. 1 tip I can give anyone who w…