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On Monday, our oldest son returned back to Colorado Springs from Afghanistan after being deployed for 13 months. We were able to meet him at the Denver International Airport after his 72 hours of travel from Kuwait. It was so good to get the hugs and see him face to face. We helped him get settled into his apartment, pick up his new Jeep and took him out for non-army food, complete with non-disposable tableware and actual glass goblets.
As we sat eating dinner at the Blue Star Restaurant in Colorado Springs, Nate said something that really stuck with me. “Everyone should be required to spend a few days in Afghanistan. They would really appreciate what we have here in the United States a lot more.”
Our army captain has been deployed 25 of the last 30 months, first to Iraq and then he volunteered for Afghanistan. He enjoys the little things a lot more; like a shower that he doesn’t have to walk 200 meters to, a bed that fits his 6’5” frame, with more than a 2” mattress, no sand or dirt in…

Fitness and Financials

Four weeks to my bucket-list triathlon sprint. It is the last hour panic of must get healthy, must get fit activity. I had forgotten how good you feel when the endorphins kick in after a run. What’s so great is that you can do it all so cheaply. 
You don’t need to spend money on a gym or buy equipment to get fit. Running outside beats the tread mill for cost and keeping you fresh and inspired. Public Television broadcasts workout programs you can record and follow. The internet has a great yoga videos you can follow along for free. Staying healthy- staying fit helps keep your healthcare cost low and keeps you feeling great.
If you are paying a gym membership, now might be the time to suspend it and spend your time outside running or riding a bike. Grab friends to join you on the run or bike ride and make a day of it. Not only will you be saving the cost of your gym membership but you are building a tighter community of friends; all getting healthy together.