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What is it Going to Take to Retire?

In reading the Sunday, September 26th Cedar Rapids Gazette, there was an article “From Boom to Bust” by Susan Tompor that got me thinking what it would take for me to retire. Susan also wrote the article “How to Prepare for Retirement” to help you plan. One of the things she stated in her “How to Prepare” article is “that you want to spend 4 percent or less each year from your retirement saving.” So….how much is it going to take? Other experts say that you will need 80-100 percent of your pre-retirement income in retirement.
If we put together all of this, and for ease of numbers, say you make $100,000 before you retire, you want 100 percent of your pre-retirement income, and you are only going to spend 4 percent of your retirement per year, you would need $2.5 million in retirement savings.
Now this does not include your Social Security income. Right now, you can start collecting Social Security at ages 62, but if you want to receive your full Social Security benefit, you must wait un…