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Frugal Holiday Celebrations

It’s that time of year again, when the political ads cease and attention is now to get you to purchase and spend for the holidays. The height of consumer spending frenzies is commonly referred to as “Black Friday,” which this year took on Thanksgiving Thursday. I don’t want to bash the consumerism of the holidays, but want to provide you with a few frugal fun ideas to increase your holiday cheer without breaking the bank. Who knows, you just might start some new favorite holiday traditions.

Go Caroling
Bundle up and grab some hot chocolate with your friend and go door-to-door singing favorite holiday tunes. Have a pot-luck dinner or snack before or after the caroling.

Give the Gift of Time
Life is busy and it may seem as if you don’t have any time to give. It may seem easier to just buy presents, gift cards or give. Think about giving your time to a friend or family member. You can help them around the house, with special projects or just an evening of turning off the television and play…

Are You Prepared?

As hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, with the flooding this past weekend on the West Coast and listening to the struggles of those affected by the disasters, I am wondering how prepared I am for a disaster. Living in the Midwest, I have to worry about tornados, floods, droughts, ice, snow storms, and straight line winds. Granted, we are not talking hurricanes, earthquakes, active volcanoes, forest fires, or tsunamis, but I still wonder if I am prepared to go a week or even a month without electricity or disrupted transportation.
FEMA has at resources and information to help you ‘Ready. Plan. Stay Safe’. It includes what to do before, during and after an emergency, how to prepare plan and stay informed for emergencies, how to build a kit for disasters to be prepared, ways to be involved, information for businesses and fun and games for kids.
What would it take for you to be prepared for a disaster? We are not talking “Doomsday Preppers” mentality, but are you ready…