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Happiness in Punta Gorda (PG), Belize

I just returned from Punta Gorda, Belize where I met with business owners in preparation for bringing MBA students for a week in January. I didn't know what to expect, for this was my first trip to Central America. We are organizing this trip through ProWorld Belize and the Toledo Association of Businesses in PG. Many thanks for their hospitality, openness, and warm reception.
A little geography lesson; Belize is south of Cancun, Mexico and just above Guatemala. I had to find it on the map before I left. Punta Gorda is on the southern coast of Belize with a view of Guatemala across the bay. It takes 1 hour be prop-plane or 5 hours by bus from Belize City. My experience with Belize is the 3 full days I spent in Punta Gorda, Barranco, looking out the window as we drove and the interactions I had with the people I met.
PG doesn't have the white sand beaches and the towns are not featured in travel magazines. PG is very rich in Garifuna, East Indian, Creole, Mopan, Q'eqchi, an…

Ready for Retirement?

Not ready for retirement yet? You see your net worth decreasing? You are not alone. In fact, retirement may be a dirty word in your household as you wonder how long you are going to have to keep working.

In a new survey released by TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation, one out of every two Americans surveyed were not looking forward to retirement. The Federal Reserve Board’s Survey of Consumer Finances reported Monday that the average American family saw their net worth decrease 39% from 2007-2010. Other statistics show that 69% of the respondents have no specific savings goal. Those that did respond had an average retirement savings goal of $750,000. Only 54% were confident that they would reach their retirement savings goal. What is one to do?

Hopefully, the housing and stock market will bounce back and increase net worth, but that can’t be counted on. One way to increase your net worth so to prepare for retirement is to maximize your 401k plan at work. Make sure you are depositing enoug…