proud mom to our quiz bee champion!

Loooong Saturday but I am not complaining. ;)

I woke up from an evening nap and am now watching the Ms. World Pageant on TV. As a kid, I have fond memories of my family staying up to watch beauty contests. So somehow, this night gives me some feeling of excitement (we already know that Philippines won, of course). Although I'm alone and unless I give birth to a baby girl, the 'tradition' will mostly likely not live on with me.

photo grabbed from Inquirer

Today, our pre-schooler won the Interbranch Science quiz bee in school! He bested 14 other contestants and I am so proud for his efforts. We were afraid he would throw tantrums and won't be able to join the contest. But our prayers and bribes paid off.

results of the interbranch quiz bee competition

TL#1 has history of not wanting to join school presentations and contests. Although lately, he has also won Best in National Costume during Linggo ng Wika. Here's to hoping he gets over the phase totally.

The day his teachers gave out his reviewers, he voraciously consumed them with no prompting from us at all. He loves learning and hopefully, he will continue to do so. Within a week, he memorized all the materials!

The quiz bee was closed door so we were not able to watch but the teacher said his mistakes were in writing some words during the difficult mode. He is currently struggling to hold the pencil and we did not know the contest would require him to spell and write words like frog and pupa.

Good thing, a few days before the quiz bee, the husband has been helping him to improve his writing skills. The husband downloaded Leap Frog's Learn to Write with Mr. Pencil app on the iPad. We bought the pencil from Toy Kingdom, although he ended up using my stylus because Mr. Pencil is a bit too chubby. The app is very helpful and effective.

After memorizing the quiz bee reviewers, TL#1 announced he does not want to join the quiz bee anymore! Just what we were fearing! We ended up bribing him that we'd buy him a dinosaur book. He's a BIG dinosaur fan. Good thing, the husband found National Geographic's Dinopedia in National Bookstore.

This morning, right after the quiz bee (parents were asked to wait outside the room), he went straight to me and asked to see his book. I was just glad he survived the quiz bee without making a fuss that I did not ask him about the results. Then his yaya said he won, it was an icing on top of the cake! Sarap pala ng feeling. Haha!

I gave him a hug and told him I was proud of his efforts. He was a champion because he studied hard with his daddy. Yey! Galing din ni husband! Genes lang contribution ko. Hahaha!

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