may premyo sa resibo, join na!

Last week, I've seen posts of Official Receipts on instagram tagging @psresibo with hashtag #win10kweekly.

Tsismosa that I am, I did a little digging and found out that Premyo sa Resibo, a project of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has started accepting instagram entries for a chance to win P10,000 weekly. Sayang, I missed the 1 million draw.

Since I have an instagram account, I like taking pictures and we are fond of eating out, I decided to join in the frenzy.

If you are interested, here's what I did:

1 - opened my instagram account @merryli

2 - I searched for user @psresibo and started following the account

3 - I took a picture of the official receipt, tagged @psresibo and uploaded with hashtag #win10kweekly

4 - Wait for @psresibo to acknowledge and check the upload. If your entry is qualified, you will receive a Raffle ID valid for the weekly draw every Friday

It's so easy and it's free! ;)

Here's my sample entry.

You might be familiar with the text promo of Premyo sa Resibo.

Premyo sa Resibo (PSR) is an incentives and rewards program of the Bureau of Internal Revenue using SMS. Every entry gets a chance to win prizes instantly and valid for one (1) weekly and one (1) P1 Million draw, undertaken by the BIR in its efforts to plug leakages in the tax collection system.

Primary objectives of the program are:

a. Motivate consumers to demand an official receipt for all their purchases of goods and services;

b. Encourage professionals, private business and/or commercial establishments to register their official receipts and to issue the same to their customers/clients; and

c. Provide the BIR with data to assist them in their monitoring of taxpayers.

What is instant PSR?

“INSTANT PSR is the newest and exciting mobile service in the country where an Official Receipt earns you a chance to win exciting prizes, instantly! Thousands of cellphone prepaid loads, P5,000 cash, cellular phones and P1,000,000 can be yours anytime’ any day, wherever you may be!

Joining is easy! All you need to do is to text PSR ** to 9777 for single entry or to 9778 for more entries! – change to PSR TIN No.<*>O.R. No.<*>O.R. Amount to 9777 for single entry or to 9778 for more entries!

Example: PSR 123456789000*12345*388

If you are on unlitext, you might want to join the text promo. I think they also give out concert tickets.

For guidelines on how to join, visit their website here.

Dapat lahat tayo nagbabayad ng tamang buwis. Walang dayaan! ;)

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