daily boost: what is it that you live for?

This is the 2nd post in my daily boost series as inspired by the book 88 Super Practical Boosters To Get What You Want in Life

What is the thing that you live for, enabling you to endure all that happens in your life?

It took me a while to answer this because I am not exactly Mrs. Endurance.

I stuck it out for five years in my first job not necessarily because I was in love with it but because I did not know what I really wanted in my life and I was scared to get out of my comfort zone. Yes, I am a sissy but I am slowly finding my courage with age and experience.

I am an impulsive person and I make decisions based on my emotions. I've been taking 'leaps of faith' but I took one too many that they didn't feel like a leap anymore, more of a skip and maybe an escape.

I think there is wisdom in having a purpose, a why, a reason. It gives you an anchor and the strength to be resilient and enduring.

I used to work abroad but I had no concrete goals for going there. Should I have had a very important purpose, like my friends did, I would not have gone home after barely a year. I have a friend who wanted to earn this much money for her dream home and she made it come true. No matter how unhappy she was, she had her eyes on the goal. Even though it was hard, she endured knowing that it was merely a stepping stone in getting what she wanted in life.

That's one very valuable lesson learned for me. And maybe, I read Paolo Coelho's The Alchemist a little too late. It is a good read for people like me who are still trying to look for their true calling.

My heart is afraid that it will have to suffer," the boy told the alchemist one night as they looked up at the moonless sky." Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams.

If there's one thing I know for sure now, it is that there is no easy job. Each has its own quirks, difficulties and challenges. When you are hard up, you may find the instinct and need to escape. But running away is a quick fix. If the real issue or problem is with your attitude, no change in job can cure you. Look within and aim to change the one thing that is within your control - you!

We all know of some people who endure the pains of running or going to the gym or going on a diet because they want to be fit and healthy and sexy. Now, that's a goal! I should aim for that, too.

For parents like me, we endure almost anything for our kids. Once we have them, they become a big reason for our living. We want to earn more to ensure their future. We want to become better people so that we can be effective role models for them.

Go ahead and write down the reasons why you do what you do. It might just help put your stress or your struggle in perspective.

He who has a 'why' to live can bear almost any 'how'.
- Friedrich Nietzsche

daily boost: get what you want in life

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