bout with flu not yet over

I woke up today with a splitting headache, aching muscles and whopping cough. Definitely not better than yesterday.

I'm envious of how our TL#1 bounced back to his usual active self after his bout with high fever last night. I wish I was still young.

He keeps saying, Mommy why are you not feeling better? Me, i'm okay now! And he's off playing ball with his daddy.

I kept having bad and weird dreams last night. I dreamt I was being wheeled into the operating room and I was protesting loudly because I just had surgery the past week and the week before that and the week before that. The doctor was arguing with me and I was pleading and crying with all my might.

Today, my cough takes a turn for the worst. The rain won't stop pouring. But nothing worst comes after worst, right? :)

A blessed Sunday to everyone. Please pray for us sickly ones, including all my colleagues who were afflicted with the same virus. Kailangan mahanap at masingil natin kung sino ang salarin. Charge natin ng hourly rates!

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