anxiety therapy: my personal to do list for the week

I am obsessing!

It's already 8 in the evening! Saan na napunta ang weekend ko? Ang dami ko pang kailangang gawin!

And I find the need to write them down here before I go insane.

Believe me I love my sons, but our eldest won't give me peace of mind. Laging nakabuntot at laging gusto kasama ako sa lahat ng gagawin nya. It is endearing and annoying at the same time!

Ewan ko ba, hinde ko rin alam bakit bigla na lang ang dami kong gustong gawin sa buhay ko. Tumatanda na kasi?!? Thank God for our kasambahays! I am really grateful to have them at home. They take a big load off me.

I know the next three hours (before I go to sleep won't be enough) for all the things that I want to accomplish today so I will just make a list as my guide for next weekend. I won't probably be able to do much other done concentrate on work these weekdays. I have to eat some serious frog* and I anticipate some stress coming in, realistically speaking.

*eat a frog - accomplish a not-so-desirable task

Anyway, on to my list...

1 - take stock of my finances

I have to apply what I learned this weekend in the Personal Finance session which I wrote about here and here.

Madali akong makalimot sa mga ganyan. Especially if we're talking of purging old habits and making new and better ones.

I have a lot of to do's with regards to my personal finance but for this week, I think I can manage to practice the 7-minute habit of tracking my expenditures everyday.

How can we develop a habit?

In order to get rid of bad habits, we just need to accustom our brains to new actions. Over time, these new actions will become new habits that will replace the old habits.

Perform the 7-minute habit over a course of two to four weeks.

Source: For Richer For Poorer by Chinkee Tan

2 - attend the Real Living Space exhibit this weekend

We're going to be homeowners hopefully soon so I am currently obsessed over interior design and worried about budget.

I'm forcing the husband to come with me to the exhibit in Trion Towers Bonifacio Global City to look at the interior design showcase.

print screen from my online subscription of Real Living Magazine September edition

If you're interested, you can find more details in

Does anybody of you know a good but cheap interior designer and contractor? Please let me know. ;)

In relation to this, I also need to start reading on loans. What a big word.

3 - finish our registration with Pag-ibig and pay our contributions for August

If you have been following my blog, you would know that I have been documenting our efforts to comply with the requirements of the Kasambahay Law. It has not been easy but it is well worth the efforts.

I still have to blog about the Pag-ibig online registration that I did for our household helpers. Will do soon! ;)

4 - blog about our Jurassic on ice experience in Star City and fix some blog glitch

5 - start reading the (work)book Personal Development all-in-one for Dummies

What can I say, I am obsessed! I bought the book at 50% off in National Book Store. It is still expensive though. The husband did not approve. The more that I bought it. Which brings me back to action item no. 1 on personal finance. Harhar!

This book is big and really thick - 581 pages to be exact. I'm giving myself until my 33rd birthday to finish it. A year-long project to enhance my life, why not? :)

6 - after checking budget, scout for schools for the kids

7 - resume writing in my one-sentence journal for mothers

How could I have forgotten about this? Tsk! Tsk! Ako na talaga si Mrs. Kalimot!

8 - think! think! think! of what to do with my waistline (the hardest part of them all)

I have to seriously consider going to the gym. O sexy chef kaya? Gastos uli. Hahaha!

There. I got it all I think. My action items don't seem too overwhelming now. Wag lang ako abutin ng forever bago matapos. Hehehe!

To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life. - Robert Louis Stevenson

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