ang traffic parang instant noodles, just add water!

Ang traffic sa Pinas parang instant noodles, just add water!

I heard that joke some time ago from my husband and tonight (like any other rainy night), it proved to be true. When it rains, it pours and when it pours, brace yourself for traffic and long commute home.

I am on Kuripot Mode and it was difficult to hail a taxicab so I walked from Paseo de Roxas to SM Makati in my heels. I covered approximately 2 kms. in about 15 minutes.

Good thing I was wearing my relatively new Naturalizer sandals from Egandeula's Sari-Sari. I got it for P2,500 only. Best buy! :) Check out the authentic imported merchandise on the facebook account.

May patalastas pa :)

Anyway, my walk tonight reminded me of the long cold walks I used to take 5 years ago in gloomy Dublin. (I lived in Dublin, Ireland as an auditor for less than a year). I used to cover around 3.5 kms. on most days going to and from the office.

It was soooo expensive to ride a taxi so most people opt to walk. The Irish advocate walking as a very healthy alternative to riding the tram. They even discourage people to use the elevator and escalator. Wearing rubber shoes with your office suit was a fashion statement.

And most of all, there was no traffic.

But to be honest, I used to hate the long walks. I would hug my layers of winter clothes close and mutter softly under my breath, "Ano bang ginagawa ko dito?" Like it was the most pitiful thing in the world.

On hindsight, I now appreciate the value of walking. I must have been at my fittest when I lived in Dublin because of all the walking I had to do.

Now, shall we start a walking revolution? With the onset of Christmas, the traffic is sure to get worst. Maybe, I should just bring my rubber shoes and walk home instead of going to the gym... Feasible? Hmmm...

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