am I weird or what?

I cannot sleep. I have a very stuffy nose, I couldn't breathe properly. And each time I try to close my eyes, my brain keeps conjuring up different images. And since I'm still awake to think about them, the sissy in me tries to shake away the images lest they suddenly turn into scary things like ghosts or monsters.

This is the reason why I shun away from horror movies. I think my subconscious has photographic memory. That or I have been born with a wild imagination. Or it may be because of the medications I have been on since Thursday.

I have not had proper sleep since I got sick. Thursday night was a torture. I kept waking up feeling physically sick and also mentally exhausted because I kept having the same dream of counting down until the pain is gone.

Friday night was better. There was lesser pain. But I had a fitful sleep because of the comfort room breaks from the water therapy.

Tonight, the clogged nose attacks even though the fever is gone. I hope to feel better tomorrow. My weekend is ruined because of this fever and flu. And now, TL#1 and TL#2's yaya are also sick. :(

And I hope the time and effort I took to write this post have put the 'ghosts' in my mind to rest so that I can take a much-needed rest too.


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