work fast, mommy!

It's Friday and my son bid me farewell today with this:

Me: Bye baby. Mommy is going now.

TL#1: Where are you going again mommy?

Me: To work.

TL#1: Why don't you work fast mommy? I'll give you my power of speed so you can work fast!

He must really want me to come home early.

At times like this, I feel a compelling need to find an 8 to 5 work. But is that the solution?

When I was younger, before I became a teenager, I always looked forward to my Mama and Papa coming home from work. I like it more when they have pasubong but I was mostly content to have them home. Ah, the security of being with your parents! Then I became a teenager (with a boyfriend) and didn't care much anymore.

That's why I want to squeeze as much memories and bonding moments with my kids at this stage in their life. Moms with older kids say that this stage is fleeting. There'll come a time that your children won't look for you anymore unless they want something.

I believe in spending quality time with my kids but I also want to give them a good life (with my hubby).

Someone asked me about being a very busy working mom and how I cope with it. I said that it all begins with proper mindset and a positive outlook towards work and what it can help provide for my family. I also said I wanted my kids to appreciate the value of hardwork and self-fulfillment that comes with it.

What I didn't say is that it is a constant struggle to be upbeat about it and there are so many times I feel I would rather be a stay-at-home mom more than anything else.

I'm sure i'm not the only mother in the world who feels like this.

Nobody told me that juggling my personal struggles as an adult, parenting, marriage and career is going to be easy. What I know is that I have become very VALUABLE so I should make use of my 24 hours wisely.

I am one proud mommy of two adorable kids. :)

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