weekend cap at CBTL

We're capping off the long holiday weekend (and TL#1's 4th birthday) here in Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL), one of our little family's favorite places to hang-out.

It's pretty cozy and mostly quiet and there is free wi-fi for Swirl Rewards Card members.

Hubby is a big coffee lover. I am not but I like their lasagna. TL#1 loves being treated like a big boy with a slice of cake and cream-based drink. Our TL#2 is yet to join us in this kind of weekend bonding. Maybe a year more and we can already drag him along, most probably with a book or an ipad in tow, too, to keep them from running around the place and disturbing the peace.

Speaking of CBTL, they are having the Espresso Cream Open House on August 18, 2013, 10:00-11:30 am.

If you are a coffee fan, that is, you can avail of the free 12 oz. Espresso Cream Ice Blended or12 oz. Espresso Cream Iced Latte (only). Offer is valid at all the CBTL stores in the Philippines except University Mall and CBTL Coffee Bars.

RSVP on their facebook page Facebook.com/coffeebeanphilippines.


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