Understanding the Kasambahay Law (Part 3) updated

Finally, we are registered as Household Employer in SSS! The hubby also managed to process the SSS numbers of our two Kasambahay.

This is part 3 of our quest to understand and comply with the requirements of the Kasambahay Law.

Understanding the Kasambahay Law (Part 1)
Understanding the Kasambahay Law (Part 2)

After registration, we can proceed with the payment of contributions and submission of contributions collection list.

Here are the procedures:

1. Fill-out Contributions Payment Return Form (SSS Form R-5) and pay at:
SSS Branches with Tellering Services, or
Accredited Collecting Banks
2. Payment is to be made monthly and payment due date shall be as follows:
If the 10th digit of the 13-digit ER number ends in
Payment deadline following the applicable month
1 or 2 
10th day
3 or 4
15th day
5 or 6
20th day
7 or 8
25th day
9 or 0
Last day
(Advance payments may be made, but said payments shall only be credited to the records of the Kasambahay as they fall due. Payments made beyond the deadline are charged a Penalty of 3% per month)
3. Fill-out and submit Contributions Collection List (SSS Form R-3) quarterly, together with a copy of the SSS Form R-5 (machine-validated or with Special Bank Receipt).
SSS Form R-3s covering the period/s for which advance payment/s were made may also be simultaneously submitted but shall be posted to the Kasambahay's account as they fall due.
4. The Contributions Collection List may also be submitted monthly and electronically through:
                   Enrollment in the SSS web facility www.sss.gov.ph
                   or Participation in the e-R3 (electronic R-3) Program of the SSS
I have enrolled in the SSS web facility but is still waiting for the email validation from SSS as of this writing.


Ten days after I enrolled online, I received an email from SSS informing me that my SSS website registration was not successfully processed because -

There is no Specimen Signature Card (SS Form L-501) on File. 

That was so unfortunate because I filled up the form but the husband said the SSS representative did not get the it when he went there to register. Now, he has to go back to SSS again just to submit the specimen signature card.

I also plan to avail of the auto-debit arrangement to eliminate the need to go personally to the bank on a monthly basis to pay the contributions. 


Last August 19, I went to Bank of Philippine Islands to make our initial payment of the contribution for July of P332 plus 3% monthly penalty which amounted to around P1.50 because we were only about 4 days delayed in payment. I merely filled out SSS Form R-5 and I went to the bank's customer service representative so she could issue me a Special Bank Receipt (SBR) before I went to the teller for payment. It did not really take long but I don't fancy doing this monthly.

To avail of the auto-debit arrangement, I filled out SSS Form Bmbr-119 and submitted 3 copies to the bank for processing. The bank rep said it will have to be approved by SSS first and I have not received any update to-date. Terms and conditions of availing the auto-debit arrangement can be found on page 2 of the form.

I hope it will be processed before the deadline of our contributions for August.

Just how much is the contribution you may ask?

If the salary of  the Kasambahay is less than P5,000, the employer is required to shoulder the full contribution for SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig.

For example, we give a salary of P3,000 to our Kasambahay and based on the SSS contribution table excerpt below, we are required to pay P322 every month.
For our 2 Kasambahay, that's an additional cost of P644 monthly for SSS contribution alone.

For middle-income earners like us who employ 2 Kasambahay, the additional cost of SSS contribution is a dent in our budget. We have to make room for it somehow.

Should you need further assistance, you may visit the nearest SSS Branch Office. Please provide your employer's ID Number and present your SS Card or any two valid IDs. You may also call the SSS Hotline at (632) 920-6446 to 55 from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Monday to Friday (except during holidays) or e-mail member_relations@sss.gov.ph, indicating the employer's name and ID Number.

Next steps would be Philhealth and HDMF Registrations. Posting soon!


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