the flood is in!

We are stuck in the second floor of our apartment, hostage to the heavy and continuous rain that brought flood into our home. This is the third and last time. We are definitely moving out, hopefully, by year end.

Times like these make us mindful of the here and now. Momentarily, only this hour, this minute matters. Survival instinct. Thoughts about work or the future vanish. Poof!

We've been awake since the wee hours of the morning, resignedly anticipating the overflow of water yet hoping it won't happen this year. Just our luck!

Thank God we have a second floor to take refuge in. We know there are a lot of people out there who are not as lucky. We hope and pray that the constant rainfall will stop soon.

Cooped up half day and we're still happy campers. Cooped up a whole day and we're going to be smelly, hungry, cranky campers!

Pakiusap, tumila ka na ulan at sana lang huwag mag-brownout!

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