the dentist will see you now

I went to the dentist today. It is a big accomplishment for me because I don't fancy going to the dentist. I did not enjoy having my impacted wisdom tooth extracted about 3 years ago.

But I just turned a year older so I decided to face my fear and get it over with. What was I to lose? A lot of bucks! Indeed.

While I was lying down on the dental chair, cringing from the sound of the dental equipment hitting my teeth, I decided to put the experience into context. Come to think of it, the pricking during a facial hurts more than the cavity filling and oral prophylaxis (dental cleaning) but I endure that every other month. Why not do the same for the sake of my oral health!

I liked the way the dentist handled my session so I listened to her advice and finally decided to fix my issue on teeth sensitivity due to exposed roots. Dental appliance anyone?

I was really proud after and was bragging about my accomplishment to my son. It felt good to have squeaky clean mouth and a major (always postponed) to-do crossed off my list. Wow! Eating the frog does work. I have also earned (an authentic) right to enforce oral hygiene on TL#1.

Now, if I could just master and keep at the art of flossing...

The Huffington Post shares the Top 10 Common Dental Problems and How to Avoid Them in an article here.

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