sweet child of mine

Apparently, my 3 year-old (soon turning 4) has been trying to call me in the office the whole day Tuesday. I couldn't be reached because I was out on client meeting and performance feedback discussions. Galit na daw siya sabi ng nakasagot!

I hope he doesn't grow up too soon because i'll definitely miss these calls.

"Mommy, I've been trying to call you all day. What were you doing?!?"

"Mommy, please work fast fast fast. Then come home."

"Mommy, why are you not working fast? I miss you."

"Mommy, ate Lani (the yaya) is not listening to me!"

"I love you mommy. See you later (tomorrow)!"

And everyday, when he comes home from school at 10 in the morning, he goes to his daddy and says, Please ask my mommy to come home!

And yesterday when I said I felt sick:

You are sick Mommy. You should stay at home. See you after school.

He loves it when we can't make it to the office. He is at that precious stage where he wants to spend his days with mommy and daddy.


To top it all, he's been behaving better lately and seems to be enjoying going to school.

Okay na sya na si yaya ang maghatid. Hinde ko na kailangang gumising ng maaga kapag puyat ako sa ofis. Yes!

Happy baby = Happy mommy!

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