reinvent the wheel (toink!)

Spent the first 3 days of the week mostly talking to my staff and coachees, assessing their performance and giving out some nuggets of wisdom.

Practice accountability.

Refuse to feel like victims of circumstances. Take control of your personal development.

Reinvent the wheel. Help yourself by improving our current ways of doing things.

Think long-term. It is normal to feel tired but if you have a goal, you will not be swayed by long hours, stress and client issues.

Blah-blah-blah-blah! Ang dami ko pa pinagsasabi.

Back in Dublin, the term 'reinvent the wheel' coined by management was the butt of a joke of the staff.

Two days after, I think I need some pep talk myself.

Okay, I'm disappointed with my sick leave conversion. Nagexpect kasi masyado kahit alam namang madaming absent! It really pays to be healthy.

I had to confront a number of issues at work. Okay lang ang busy, kahit 12 hours of work a day. Wag lang stressed sa issues!
I know I am stressed because I almost lost my wallet yesterday. I'm so lucky to have got it back. Thank you Lord! Wallet pa lang, lagot na. May sentimental value!

Then this morning, I took the wrong medicine. Imbes na Sangobion, uminom uli ako ng pills. Ako na talaga! Kaya siguro parang maiiyak ako ngayon kasi sobra sobra sa hormones.

I have had too many interactions with other people (meetings, discussions) during the week, which left the introverted me DRAINED. I need my downtime reading books and playing with my kids.

I feel like i'm chronically tired yet I am broke. Nagtratrabaho naman ako pero bakit hinde ako yumayaman. Bakit?!

I need to undergo some major rehabilitation. Ano daw?

I have to finish those self-help books.

I need to sleep. more. much to my husband's and kids' chagrin. Oh yes - SLEEP!

I need to grow up. Daym it!
(Note to self: Second week na 'to oy! Pareho lang ang drama. Umayos ka!)

Kaya bumili na lang ako ng Magnum at V-cut.

Thank God, it's Friday!

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