our dinosaur turns 4

Thanks Nanay, Tatay, Tita Allone, Tita Sherwin, and Amici, too for helping make TL#1's 4th birthday memorable.

Our baby is now 4 years old, unbelievable!

He wanted a dinosaur birthday party so we bought him an inflatable t-rex from Early Learning Centre. We now call it Theosaurus.

He is so happy with his new best friend, who graced his impromptu party in his grandparents house in the province. He enjoyed playing with the other kids. He doesn't have regular playmates here back home.

After the kids went home...

TL#1: Mommy, why are the visitors gone?

Me: Because the party is over.

TL#1: But I don't want the party to be over. Gusto ko pa games!

That shows how deprived he is of authentic playtime. Hopefully, this will change as soon as we transfer to our new home.

Sometimes I feel for him because he does not experience in the city the kind of young play we had in the province when we were kids.
But to be fair, he is also lucky in many ways. We hope he knows that.

We were back in the city on the actual day of his birthday so we decided to have lunch in Amici just because our dinosaur loves his pizza and ice cream. The restaurant offers delicious dose of both.

After we finished eating and he had his second serving of yummy cookies and cream ice cream, I told him we had a surprise for him.

TL#1: What?

Me: You just sit and wait.

Just then, the staff of Amici started singing a birthday song for him and brought him a slice of Di Lusso cake with a candle on top.

His smile here shows how much he loved the surprise!

We thank God every day for the gift of you.

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