oh yes, i was surprised! :D

I would not let this day pass without blogging about how my family at work brought a big smile on my face and made me feel so loved today.

With matching song number by our own mini-celebrity (she starred in Showtime last Wednesday), I was surprised by my colleagues with their advance happy birthday greetings complete with flowers, balloons, cake and of course, J Co donuts. It is becoming a tradition at work and we are loving it. Oh yes, bring on the love!

Let me just say the one MAIN reason I keep coming back to the first Company I worked in is the people I work with. That makes more than one. I feel privileged to have had and continue to have the opportunity to work with the brightest and most hardworking people with BIG hearts. May I strive to continue to be better at what I do and to contribute to my colleagues' job satisfaction and professional well-being.

Happy birthday to me, indeed! Thank you Lord for the blessings, most especially for the gift of loved-ones and friends.

Stop and smell the flowers :)


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