for my action: live an intentional life at 32

Tonight is the eve of my 32nd birthday and I am enjoying some precious and hard-to-get-by quiet time. *sigh of contentment here*

How I miss to say, "I'm bored!" or "Wala bang magawa?". Those times are few and far between. Maybe because as we grow older, we are burdened with more responsibilities and we want to accomplish more each day?

OVERWHELMED - that's me these days or maybe for most of my adult life. And I try to squash that feeling by doing as much as I could each day. I put in long hours whenever needed, which is almost everyday. Then I get sick or someone in the family gets sick or there's an emergency. I take a leave and the tasks pile up. Then I go back and put in the long hours again to address the backlog. Vicious cycle.

I can only handle so much so I become apathetic to some aspects of my life like keeping in touch with family and friends and addressing our housekeeping matters. If you would note from my posts, I am mostly just rambling about my issues - samples here and here.

It's because I have not found a solution yet. I have a lot of ideas but I lack time for execution. I am the obsessive-compulsive kind (sort of, not in all aspects) - I need to read up and absorb all the theories before I act. Absurd, right? At this scale, maybe I'll get things done by the time I turn 55. Retirement, anyone?

But I do have a proposed solution (I'm talking to myself here) - I'd try to tackle one issue or action item a week. 52 weeks a year = 52 action points.

Early this year, I wanted to start a Happiness Project inspired by Gretchen Rubin (refer to my posts here and here and here). But that did not work because (as usual), I didn't have the luxury of time and maybe because I tried to tackle too much in a month. In contrast, I should be able to handle one action item per week.

For weeks 1 to 4, I've been thinking about the following personal action points:

Week 1 (my birthday week which ends this Saturday)

Finish reading Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life by Jon Kabat-Zinn. It has been sitting in my Kindle app for like forever. I am very interested in living an intentional life. In case you are wondering what it is all about, there's a short good read on An Intentional Life by zenhabits.

Week 2 (starts this Sunday)

Finish registration to Philhealth and HDMF (hubby's help needed) and wrap up posts on Understanding the Kasambahay Law.

Week 3

Sit down, act like a true CPA and start accounting for my assets, liabilities, cash flows and budget (critical pre-work item for Week 4)

Week 4

Search for possible candidates for big school for TL#1 and play school for TL#2

Some action points could overlap, especially if there is waiting time involved. This should work, especially because I made this public. :)

As I turn 32, the only thing I wish for is that God grant me wisdom - to act on my intentions, to make the right decisions and to make a difference.

This is the going to be the best year of my life.

"If your mind isn't clouded by unnecessary things,
This is the best season of your life."
                                                     - WU-MEN


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