conversations with our smart kid

Another reason I keep this blog is that I get to write down things about our kids as they grow up, details that I can't commit to memory because they may fade away as I grow old and senile.

At least, some far away day, I have this blog to go back to.

Our eldest, TL#1, is proving to be a smart kid. Something about the fruit not falling far from the tree. ;)

Here are some of our conversations:

Me: Oh no, it looks like it's going to rain hard!
TL#1: Huh, why is it not going to rain easy?

Husband and TL#1 talking...
Hubby: Please stop playing like that. You're too noisy!
TL#1: Daddy, can you cover your ears? Can you hide?
Hubby: But why?
TL#1: Because I want to be loud!

Before I go to work one day....
TL#1: Mommy, why do you have to go to work?
Me: I need to earn money for you and baby.
TL#1: But I don't want money! Mommy, please stay with me.

While we were in the car driving...
TL#1: Mommy, I look like but you don't have a t****

While in Zoobic Safari...

TL#1: What is that?
Me: It's a reindeer.
TL#1: Where is Santa?!

TL#1 to his yaya talking to someone on the phone...
TL#1: Ate, are you talking to Sir Chief?
(alluding to Sir Chief of Please be Careful With My Heart)

One grading period, after we checked the ranking...
Hubby: You're very good, you are no. 2! You should aim to be no. 1.
TL#1: I want to be No. 0!

TL#1 and me talking about the alphabet
Me: "E" is for?
TL#1: egg! ...and India too, Mommy!
Me: No, India starts with I!
TL#1 (very adamant): E, E-ndia!
His daddy also happened to be in India at that time.

One day, I worked half-day from home....
TL#1: Mommy, you're here!
Me: Yes, I'm home early today.
TL#1: Why, have you got money already?

At home, TL#1 pointed to the ceiling and said "sky",
then he pointed to my plate and said "plates"...
TL#1: Skyplates! I want Skyplates.
(Seryoso pa siya. Gusto lang pala ng Skyflakes. Lol!)

TL#1 singing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Song...
TL#1: It's the Mickey Mouse Cabiao's....

TL#1: I want water  mommy.
Me: Okay, here's your water.
TL#1: Thank you. You are very good Mommy!

Hubby: I'm so hungry I could eat a horse!
TL#1: That's silly daddy. A horse is not a food!

Looking forward to more awesome conversations!


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