check it out: my blog has a new look!

Hinde naman siguro masyadong obvious na mahilig akong mag-blog. Kulang na lang bahain ko ang newsfeed ko ng links sa posts ko eh. :) And despite my busyness, I try to make time for it.

Please bear with me. I'm trying to pursue my passion. And since I Iove doing this, I decided to make over my blog! Slight lang naman para hinde mahal - a birthday gift to myself.

Didn't you notice the new look?!? I love it. Kahit simple, mahalin ang sariling atin. :) Happy ako, hinde ba obvious? :)

I have always been fascinated with words and pretty images. If I were to make over myself, I would like to be a magazine editor-in-chief. Why not? Well, right now, I am the editor-in-chief of this blog. Walang kokontra!

I wanted a more professional looking blog so I googled and googled and googled. I also looked at some of the more popular mom blogs out there for reference. I noticed a few using premium wordpress themes. Most are using customized templates by Fancy Girl Designs but I feel I am not ready yet (cost wise and otherwise) for something major. Someday. :) Check out her site, she really makes pretty templates.Oh, how I envy her! I might just try to dabble in web design myself to check if it is for me. Malay natin!

Somehow in my search, I got redirected to Designer Blogs. They offer custom website and blog design but what got my attention is that they have lower-priced pre-made designs for blogger (and wordpress, too). I chose my preferred design, placed an order and paid through PayPal. Easy breezy. Shortly, one of their designers contacted me through email and voila! Barely three days after, my blog is sporting a new look! Special thanks to Kristin!

The pretty pink icons are working. Just click on them and you will be redirected to my pinterest, twitter and instagram accounts. Feel free to email me, too.

I feel so alive when I write. I know, somehow, that this is my passion and it is worth pursuing. I hope you find your passion and happiness, too.

Happy birthday week to me!


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