bump is it! (easy transfer of contacts from iPhone to Samsung)

I have been a big Apple fan for a while. It all started with the iPod Video then the MacBook Pro, iPhone 3G, iPod nano, iPod touch and iPad 2. I'm currently using the iPad mini and iPhone 4s. You get the picture. And now I know why I am so bankrupt!

But, for some reason, I wanted to try Samsung Galaxy S4. So as soon as the much-awaited retro pay (and more, yey! ) was credited to my payroll account, I bought it! I am really an impulsive buyer, a problem I need to address. I hope I don't regret this buy. :)

Anyway, one issue I have is the transfer of contacts (and other files) from one phone to the other. The answer? Google it!

Among the search results, I chose to transfer through the bump app since I have it in my iPhone.

Very easy indeed, no more than 5 minutes and I got all my contacts in my Samsung Galaxy S4!

Here's the video for your reference, too:

You just follow the instructions in the app. It also worked for the photos!


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