BPI express online banking convenience

Next time, don't spend the flooded day guessing how much was credited to your BPI payroll account.

Even with no access to my payslip, I knew right away how much money I received because of BPI express online banking. And I was able to spend a good amount that same day even though Habagat and Maring troubled us for three days. Okay, not exactly a good reason. :D

To my colleagues who are yet to enroll in online banking, especially those who are on mobile unlidata, the steps are easy.

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For ATM based accounts, you can register and activate your Account in BPI express online via this link.

Be ready with your Account Number (the 10-digit number at the back of your ATM card) and Joint Account Indicator (the two-digit number after your name in the ATM card).

To activate the enrollment, you may visit any BPI Express Teller ATM within 20 banking days. This should not pose a problem.

I use online banking to pay my BPI credit card bill, phone and internet bills, transfer funds between my payroll and spending account and to the accounts of my mother and husband, and even manage my (modest) mutual funds. BPI express online is free of charge, no bank charges for transfers and payments.

To make sure I don't miss out on our monthly fixed internet bill, I have scheduled regular payments online. Very convenient (as long as there are funds available of course).

I have not had any issues (security wise) since I started using online banking in 2007. I only make sure that I log in using secure connections and log-out when I'm done.

I also recently downloaded the BPI express mobile app from the app store (for apple gadgets) and google play (for android). It is even more convenient than the web version.

No need to keep wondering with information at our fingertips. :)

For more information, visit www.bpiexpressonline.com. You may also want to take the online tour.

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