Bible reading (Veggie Tales style)

One of the things I want to tick off my bucket list is to read the bible from cover to cover. I have read all Harry Potter and Percy Jackson books, Hunger Games, Twilight Saga, Games of Throne and Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, among others. It should have been an easy feat for me to finish reading the Bible.

Last week while looking for anything dinosaur for TL#1 in Dash of Fun store in Greenbelt 5, I chanced upon the Veggie Tales Bible, the new international version made for kids ages 4 to 7 years old.

It was a bit expensive at $24.99 but I did not hesitate much. I thought it was good idea for him and me to bond over and finish reading the Bible together.

I was so excited to show it to TL#1 and he loved it! He couldn't wait for us to read the stories (verses). We slept past 11 pm that night because he doesn't want to put it down. He had lots of questions, too, which are sometimes difficult to answer and so I ask him back "what do you think?". We both learn as we go.

When mommy is not around, he reads on his own or with his daddy the Veggie Stories - a comics style kid-friendly take on some of the best-loved bible stories such as Jonah, David and Goliath and Little Moses.

There are 8 full-color stories which are his current favorites. He reads them over and over until he commits them to memory. The problem is that he expects me to know them by heart too. Pressure!

One night, husband and I came home late (as usual) and found him fast asleep in bed holding the book close to his heart. It was heart-melting.

I hope to be able to read the Bible with him most nights before he goes to sleep. After I deal with my work backlogs, I definitely will.

I googled a bit to learn more about Veggie Tales. Wikipedia says it is an American series of children's computer animated films featuring vegetables in stories conveying moral themes based on Christianity.

There are also videos and games available on their website. TL#1 and mommy are going to explore the site this weekend.

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