working mom struggle

Mainit ang ulo ko.

I'm trying to figure out exactly why. I do not, by nature, easily get frustrated or mad.

I may be frustrated because apparently, I failed to check that TL#1 needs hairnet, gloves and apron for today's activity. I only prepared the ingredients for the graham cake. Epic fail.

Lesson learned: Check the diary. Do not depend on the discussion with the assistant teacher.

I'll make it up next time.

I may be mad because I anticipate a very busy day at work yet I have to remember to email the cake order form for TL#2's birthday and pay the cake. And yes, I am in charge of the word 'MILK' for TL#1's costume for Nutrition Month celebration tomorrow. I have to do all that today. Ilang oras nga ang Thursday? I'll probably get home by midnight.

I may be mad because the weather is humid and I am stuck in traffic.

I may be mad because it's already Thursday and i'm tired and we still have lots of things to do for TL#2's birthday party. I'm just glad the week is almost over. I can't wait for weekend.

I may be frustrated because i am merely human and not a superwoman. But sometimes I wish I could be. Ding, ang bato!

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