UNICEF champion for children

Be a Unicef Champion for Children.

I have become one only recently. I was in Powerbooks Greenbelt, looking for some school supplies for TL#1 when someone approached me.

I am normally wary of salespeople and say no right away. But the UNICEF fundraiser's come on was, I'm sure you do not have kids yet.

And I was (ahem) flattered and said I already have two kids. That was the start and soon he had me convinced to sign up as a champion. Beforehand, I was aware of the program because the husband receives mail from UNICEF regularly.

UNICEF is an agency of the United Nations committed in helping the world's poorest children.

Champions for Children is a community of individuals whose regular monthly contributions help the poorest, most vulnerable children to enjoy the right to education, healthcare and nutrition as well as protection from violence, abuse and exploitation.

I chose to become a champion for healthcare and nutrition. I only made a modest pledge but i'm glad I joined this initiative. I hope I will become a millionaire so that I can give more.

You can help too by giving a one-time donation or by pledging a monthly contribution to be directly charged to your credit card for a minimum period of 2 years.

To be a champion, you only have to accomplish the form, give your credit card details and affix your signature. Just make sure you are dealing with a legitimate fundraiser. The one who recruited me showed a UNICEF ID and he was allowed by the guard to stay inside the bookstore.

All donors who sign up undergo verification calls, where donor information is checked against the forms they signed. This ensures that no fraudulent sign-ups take place.

I received a call a few days after I signed up. The caller verified the information I provided and confirmed my monthly pledge. Shortly thereafter, I also received a text message welcoming me as a champion.

Imagine, your Php 500 / month can help 5 children stay in school with books and basic supplies.

If you're not ready to commit to a monthly pledge, a separate team of fundraisers also accepts one-off cash donations.

With your pledge, YOU are helping change the future of the poorest children in the Philippines.

You can help. Be a champion for children NOW.

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