success so far

Let's celebrate a small success! Our pre-schooler has been going to school for 3 days in a row without much fuss. Hooray! Mommy is able to get up as the alarm goes off (miracle!), wake TL#1 up and give him a bath. We leave the house at the same time and I see him off to school. Hopefully, I did not blog this 'success' too early and the whole week goes well and the next and the next.

It is actually the hubby who is behind the resolution of our issue on TL#1's reluctance to go to school. Our pre-schooler used to throw tantrums and would even hide under the bed. Ang hirap sa umaga.

Hubby discussed with our little boy the 'special steps' he has to take every weekday. Then they agree on something to do on the weekends as sort of a reward. Peg nila si Captain Oso.

Here are the special steps they have agreed on written on the hubby's white board:
1. Wake up at 7:00 AM.
2. Eat breakfast.
3. Take a bath (with mommy).
4. Brush our teeth.
5. Put on our clothes.
6. Go to school at 7:45 am.

The hubby also had a heart-to-heart talk with our little boy about keeping promises and being friends.

When he doesn't do his assignment, for instance, we tell him that he is no longer friends with mommy and I would not talk to him until he finishes it. Hope it works for a long time. Our pre-schooler is a bit innovative and manages to get around our 'techniques' and reason out.

Raising a pre-schooler is difficult. We operate on trial and error. Sometimes a technique works, most of the time it doesn't. We just hope we're doing the right thing.

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