renewal of driver's license

Today is TL#2's birthday so hubby and I took the day off.

To maximize the day, we decided to spend the morning eating a frog in the Land Transportation Office (LTO) - me, for the renewal of my expired driver's license which i've been putting off for more than a year now. I do not really drive so there was no point until recently. I will turn 32 in August and there's no harm (really?) to try to muster the courage to drive live with all the other drivers out there. Scary!

We arrived here in LTO - FTI Taguig at 9:15 am. The queue is organized and the officers are helpful. There are also documentation requirements and steps posted in conspicuous places.

Fo renewal, you only need your driver's license and accomplished application form plus medical certificate. There was no need for a drug test due to the recent lifting of such requirement by Senate Bill 45 filed by Sen. Tito Sotto.

The medical examination consisted only of getting your weight, eye examination and blood pressure check. It was all done in less than 10 minutes with cost of P150.

Since we arrived a bit late, it took more than 2 hours before my license was released. Not too bad.

Here are the steps in the Renewal of Driver's license:

1. Proceed to customer service representative (CSR) to take and accomplish Application Driver's License (ADL) Form.

The CSR got my license and ask me to take a sit while they verify it for validity.

2. Proceed to drug test and medical test center (LTO accredited).

This part was easy breezy.

3. Go back to CSR window & submit filled up ADL form and supporting documents including receipts for verification.

Here comes the waiting time. It took around an hour for this.

4. Proceed to window 1 to have your picture and signature taken.

5. When your name is called, proceed to cashier and pay for the fees including penalty for late renewal.

6. When your name is called, proceed to window 4 - releasing counter and claim official receipt and driver's license.

While waiting, be entertained by a foreign gag show running on their TV.

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