novice costume-making

Our Friday started early. At midnight, husband and I were putting on the finishing touches to TL#1's costume for today's school celebration of Nutrition Month. He is going to be a milk. It's the closest thing to a nutritious food that we are capable of making. No sewing involved!

It was the husband's brainchild and he did most of the work. I merely helped put the word MILK. He even put a straw. 😄

The body is made of styrofoam from National Bookstore. Husband lined it with gray masking tape. We printed, cut and taped (double-sided) the nestle brand name and the word milk (which was a bit big but we had to make do). It even has 'nutrition facts' at the back. 😊

TL#1 was so excited to put it on and he wouldn't let mommy go to work. He wanted me to come with him to the Costume Parade. Unfortunately, Mommy's committed to meetings at work. I can't wait to hear his stories on the activity later today.

Happy Friday. See you weekend. Hooray!

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