head over heels

I realized for a while now that I am living head over heels aka in disorderly haste every day, mostly because I'm very busy at work. I hardly have time to be a good housekeeper, wife and mom. I am grateful, therefore, to have the weekends to myself and for my family.

I am a wife and a mom to two young kids but most of my hours are spent working, which makes me a hardworking (albeit sometimes reluctant) working girl, aiming for self-fulfillment and financial freedom.

I love reading and writing and sleeping (not a morning person - not me)!

I have taken up driving lessons but can't find the guts to actually drive. I have a love-hate relationship with commuting. I hate the traffic and the queue and the drivers who hate traffic too. But I love that I get to read and write during commute, my precious ME time during workdays.

I am an Ilokana but thrifty is not in my vocabulary, to save and spend wisely are my flitting goals.

Despite of my lack of time, I find myself perpetually wanting to write down my thoughts, to blog, to share, to remember, to be present in the here and now. For the past months, I have began a number of blogs but they never seem to stick and I end up abandoning one to start another. Ang gulo, parang ako lang!

So yesterday, after tackling a mountain of tasks, I found some free time to think my blog over. I wanted a blog name that would capture what I go through everyday - thus, head over heels.

I am importing relevant posts from all my other blogs here and hope that I can sustain this blog.

I wish a lot of things for myself - but mostly, that I can focus on those that truly matter.


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