dinosaur fascination

Our soon-to-be 4 year old is very much fascinated with dinosaurs!

"Roarrrr! Groooowl! Mommy, I'm a dinosaur! I'm a carnivore, I only eat chicken (and maling, too)!"

He's a big dinosaur fan. He knows dinosaur names from A to Z!

He was so happy when we bought a dinosaur egg. He couldn't wait for it to hatch! Akala nya siguro lalaki talaga.

(We bought the egg in blue magic. I've also seen some in National bookstore.)

He was a wee bit disappointed when it did not grow as big as he imagined.

His daddy also bought him 4m Glow in the dark mould and paint dinosaur in toy kingdom.

He kept bugging his daddy to make the dinosaurs until his daddy reluctantly gave in. Ang kulit lang talaga!

He could hardly wait for the mold to set in. Akyat-baba sa hagdan at panay ang tanong kung okay na daw ba.

Umeskapo na ang daddy! So I was left with the daunting task of painting the dinosaur. I managed to paint one before I feigned fatigue and sleepiness.

Spot the difference! Hahaha. I tried my best, promise!

The next morning, he wouldn't go to school until his daddy promised him that they'll paint the rest of the dinosaurs when he gets home. Makulit lang talaga!

The other week, he threw a tantrum while we were hearing mass because I don't know a dinosaur that starts with the little F.

Mommy, what dinosaur starts with letter F? Mommy!

I honestly did not know and he wouldn't stop nagging me. His daddy had to get him out of the church because he was too noisy.

After the mass, he told me (with as much indignation as he could muster), "Mommy, Fabrosaurus starts will little F. You should know that!"

I should really spend some time browsing his Dinosaurs A-Z book, which his daddy bought at a bargain during a book sale.

Our little one is also a budding dinosaur fan. Here he is reading his big brother's book when he was confined in the hospital.

Just the other day, I woke up at dawn and caught him busy thumbing through the same book.
Kaya pala hinde umiyak at nanggising, abala na sa pagbabasa!

We seem to be raising promising bookworms. :)

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