Bucas Grande Island adventure

It's been a while since I saw a view as breathtaking and raw as that of the Blue Lagoon in Bucas Grande Island in Surigao del Norte. Stunning! As in wow talaga! I felt so close to our Creator and the grandeur of His creations.

Forgive the resolution of the pictures. We only used our phone cameras.

Husband and I booked a trip to Club Tara Resort last November 2012 and it proved to be one of our most memorable yet. I got the deal through cashcash pinoy. We stayed for 2 nights.

This post is long overdue but I wanted to write about our unforgettable trip before I forget the details. Hehehe. My memory is becoming so unreliable.

From Surigao airport, the hotel van service picked us up. It took 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to the pier and 30 minutes from the pier to the island. It cost us P6,000 good for 2 persons when we availed of the hotel transfers. Very convenient but a bit expensive compared to haggling with the van and banca drivers.

Felt like we were traveling forever until finally, we caught a glimpse of the island and the tiny cottages perched on stilts.

The cottages have their own terrace overlooking the sea to give each of the guests access to the picturesque view of nature. It was well-worth the travel!

The staff gave us a warm welcome before they gave out the keys to our cottage. There are only 10 cottages, giving the place an exclusive feel. At the time of our visit, there were around 12 guests only. It can get a bit eerie at night because of the silence. You can hear the sound of the wind and the bats.

While in the resort, we availed of the kayaking facilities and took a dip in the pool. We also trekked the mini forest to get to the beach side - white sand!

The water in the resort is so clear and calm.

To make our visit complete, The staff encouraged us to go to the Sohoton Cove National Park and Blue Lagoon. There are many other activities they offer but i'm not really the adventurous type.

The entrance to the Sohoton cave series is accessible only during low tide. The husband went inside the snoring cave. He had to dive and swim to get inside since the entrance was still filled with water. No amount of encouragement from him and from our guides could make me get my *ss off the boat.

I am scared of deep waters! Sissy!

But they were able to convince me to go inside the other cave and try cliff diving.

Sabi nila, tumalon daw dun si Angel Locsin. Akala ko kasi mababa lang kaya go ako. OMG! Di ko na uulitin!

We had to dive into the deep from a cliff about two story high. And I can't swim. The only thing that kept me from going back down the cave is that it was very dark and slippery. Daym! No choice. After about a thousand futile attempts, I finally jumped. That was the scariest thing I have done in my life. Nahulog ang puso ko!

Adrenaline rush! I felt the backlash two days later and ended up spending three days confined in the hospital. Unforgettable!

And the doctor told us to keep the kids in mind before doing anything like that again.

I'm sure I won't do it ever again.

Minus the hospital confinement, the whole experience was wonderful!

We might visit again (with the kids years from now) to check out the millions of jellyfish in Tojoman. They were out of season last November so we only saw a few.

By the way, Bucas Grande Island is one of the emerging tourism spots identified in the Philippine Gems - Rediscovering our country's natural assets launched by PwC (Isla Lipana & Co.).

Philippine Gems is a part of Isla Lipana's corporate social responsibility which aims to showcase the country's beautiful spots to the world.

The project hopes to help promote tourism to further boost the country's growing economy.

You can do your share by voting for your favorite spots out of the Top 25 pre-selected emerging destinations.

Please help spread the word:
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