blog, blogging, blogged

So I am a frustrated blogger! In my mind, I have already blogged a lot, if only I had more time and energy. Kung kinakaya lang sana ng katawang lupa ko ang gising ng 24 oras.

Finally, after planning to, starting a new blog, abandoning it, starting another, deleting it, I have decided to settle on my new blog - head over heels. And because I wanted this to work, I spent the last two Saturdays obsessing over the design of my blog. Feeling magaling lang sa design.

To come up with my site background, I browsed through my magazine subscriptions for pretty images and edited and edited and edited yet again using paint program until finally I decided to settle on the simpler format that it is now. Naka-15 edits ata ako.

I would like to give photo credits for the images I grabbed from Smart Parenting, Oprah, OK and Star magazines.

It is a work in progress but I hope I learn more of the technicalities as I go on blogging.

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