Babytv cake

We're done with TL#2's 1st birthday party. Whew!

TL#1 enjoyed the party so much and was so tired that he slept until 9 am on Sunday. We hope the guests, especially the kids had a great time too.

This morning, I had TL#2's cupcake for breakfast paired with nestle hot chocolate. The chocolate cake was moist, yummy and not too sweet. Nice way to start my day!

Since I did not include backdrops in the budget for the party, the cake and the cupcakes were the centerpiece and the only thing that points out the theme for the party - baby tv characters.

They were beautifully made by Emily Uy- Swing of Sugarbox. There's a lot of cake suppliers online that I did not know who to contact at first. A friend referred Sugarbox.

I contacted Emily through email and she sent me an order form. After I made the payment, she emailed me the cake and cupcake designs. I made a few comments and sent some pictures for her reference since baby tv is not yet as popular as a birthday theme. She also gave me her contact numbers so that I can reach her.

If interested, you may send her an inquiry through I contacted her barely two weeks before the party and she and her team delivered.
Sugarbox is very easy to deal with. Ideal for busy moms and party-planning snobs like me.

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