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National Financial Literacy Month
As I browsed the Internet looking for resources and fun assignments for National Financial Literacy Month here is a little of what I found.

The College Foundation of North Carolina offers several sets of financial facts sheets. They are well organized and easy to read.  I like these.  I think they could be incorporated into financial literacy lessons and activities.
Topics include:
Financial Services and Strategies
Managing Credit
Financial Aid
Financial Trouble
Renting an Apartment
Financial Planning
Saving and Investing
Buying a Car
Buying a Home

At Go Banking Rates I found a fun financial literacy quiz,
“Are you smart enough to be a billionaire?” It only takes a few minutes to complete and is challenging and fun.  There may be lots to talk about after your students take this quiz.  It gives you a good snapshot of what they really know when it comes to personal finance.
This 12 question quiz covers...
Credit Card Interest Rates
Late Fees
Credit Scores
Mortgage Payments
Mortgage Interest Rates
Saving for Retirement
Roth IRA
Credit Reports
Credit Scores
Compound Interest
Bank Accounts
Certificate of Deposit (CD)

A Bit of Billionaire History
If facts and history about billionaires interest you check out this pop quiz at Daily FinanceShow me the Billions”.  It takes only a few minutes to complete, is fun, and shares a bit of billionaire history.
Thanks for stopping by. I Hope you found this information helpful.  Look for fun, hands-on personal finance lessons and activities at my store at Teachers Pay Teachers.


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