Sunday, 28 April 2013

National Financial Literacy Month Comes to a Close

Financial Literacy Month comes to a Close
Well, I for one think it is awesome that we have a National Financial Literacy Month in the USA.  Financial Literacy is so important to all of us.  When I first started teaching Personal Finance I thought students were taking my class because they wanted to get rich by investing in the stock market.  Boy was I wrong.  What they taught me was that they just wanted to enjoy life and be able to easily pay their monthly bills. Those first kids taught me a valuable lesson that I carry with me today in every lesson I design.  They were so smart!
To end the month on a high note let’s take a look at two fascinating businessmen.  Check out the videos below.  
Whiz Kid Investor (MoneyTrack Episode 312)

 Buffett's best tip for personal finance


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