Delays and excuses and a happiness project

Mid-April and I have not started my happiness project yet. My excuse of course is the busy season at work from late November to April 15 - the deadline of tax returns. Surely, there'll be spillovers until end of April. And then there are the fiscal year-enders. Before I know it, it's the beginning of another season. :) I'll never run out of the it's-my-work excuse!

So I've got to start some time or never, which should not be an option. To get me going, i am posting my initial timeline for the project here:

April: Preparation

Clean up loose ends at work
Slack off and get more sleep
Rejuvenate - I deserve a few days off doing nothing - looking forward to my one day getaway with the girlfriends
Start a daily beauty regimen :D I've got to maximize the "investment" I made today at House of Obagi (lesson learned: keep the credit card under lock and key during the busy season)

May: Positive energy

Finish reading (and apply) How to Simplify Your Life - I had this since 08/08/2008 and never get to finish reading it
Clean up - donate, throw junk, clear space (every weekend); Prepare to haul if necessary.
Exercise at least 3x a week! Make that dance workout a habit (how? somehow?!)
Sleep earlier than 12 am and get 8 hours of sleep
Healthy Diet (what?) - this is going to be the most difficult; I've got to find my back issues of Women's Health

June: Marriage and Parenting

July: Money and Housekeeping

August: Passion and Action

September: Career Progression

October: Meaningful Relationships

November: Right attitude and Inspirations

December: Leisure and Compassion

January: Eternity and Spirituality

February: Practice Mindfulness

March: Happiness

Wish me luck!


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