Celebrating Financial Literacy Month

Celebrating Financial Literacy Month with a SALE!
In celebration of Financial Literacy Month, my big sale at Teachers Pay Teachers begins today.  The following Personal Finance lessons will be 20% off between April 16th and 18th.  These are all great lessons that my students love.   I am sure your students will love them too.

The Wonderful Life Assignment – Setting Goals is FREE.

This fun, interactive project gives students a chance to get to know each other while creating a presentation that reveals their goals regarding career, wages, and lifestyle. It also sharpens their communication and presentation skills. As a culminating activity each student presents their project to the class. It is a great first lesson.

This is an outstanding lesson, not only for personal finance, but for any class where the objective is for students to introduce themselves to the class and talk about their goals and interests.
Pages: 19   Price:  FREE

Selecting and Financing a Car

This bundle of 4 lessons is a great way to teach students everything they need to know about purchasing a new or used car. It is loaded with hands-on lessons that teach students the ins and outs of selecting a vehicle, finding the best interest rates, and calculating car payments. By the time your students finish this lesson they will be well equipped with the necessary tools needed to make well informed decisions when it comes time to purchase their first vehicle.
Pages: 64  Regular Price: 12.00 Sale Price: $9.60

Personal Finance Conversation Starters for Teens

This packet contains 160 printable Personal Finance Conversation Starters that are designed to get students talking about personal finance and money issues that we rarely discuss with them.  The conversation starter cards are questions on a wide range of personal finance topics including spending, ambitions and goals, career choices, job loss, health care, bankruptcy and more. These cards can be used in small group or whole class discussions or for journal writing.
Pages: 31 and 160 Cards  Regular Price: $4.50 Sale Price: $3.60

Investing Terms

This three part, hands-on lesson covers basic investing terms used on the New York Stock Exchange, and is designed to aid students in analyzing stock summaries, charts and graphs. It is packed full of reinforcing activities, like crosswords, on-line flashcards, games and quizzes.   

Pages: 45  Regular Price:  $5.00   Sale Price  $4.00

Intro to Investing in the Stock Market Presentation
This presentation is an easy-to-understand review of basic concepts and terms that are used every day in the financial world when discussing stock and the stock market.  Students will learn everything from what a stock is, to how investors make a profit, to how the market is regulated plus much more.
Slides: 29  Regular Price:  $4.50   Sale Price: $3.60

Andrew Carnegie – an assignment to accompany the movie, Andrew Carnegie, Prince of Steel
The movie, Andrew Carnegie, Prince of Steel is one of the best rags to riches stories of them all.  It details the life of Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919), a self-made steel tycoon, and one of the wealthiest businessmen of the 19th century.  He was three times richer than Rockefeller. The Movie is available for free download on the Internet.

This brainstorm, review, reflect and create assignment was designed to accompany the movie, Andrew Carnegie – Prince of Steel. This engaging assignment is designed to get kids thinking at a higher level.
Pages: 13   Regular Price: $3.50   Sale Price: $2.80


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