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I started Personal Finance for Teens Unleashed in 2013 – a great year for new beginnings.  I added Unleashed to the name because this blog explains personal finance so anyone can understand it, especially teens.   It is all about teaching financial literacy and money management skills to teens.  It is set up to be a helpful resource for teachers of personal finance, business and economics.  It offers links to fun, hands-on money management lessons that you can’t find in any book.  They are tried and true time savers for teachers and designed with middle school and high school students in mind.  The key word to making these lessons different is DISCOVER!  They are set up so students DISCOVER the answers to their money questions via resources on the Internet.  After a lesson on purchasing a car, no one will need to tell them if they can afford the car of their dreams – they will discover the answer for themselves – Oh so empowering! And the only reason I needed to start this blog. 

Free Lesson on Setting Financial Goals

If you teach high school or middle school and are looking for a great hands-on lesson for setting financial goals check out Wonderful life, a FREE lesson, at Teachers pay Teachers, an open marketplace for educators where teachers buy, sell and share original teaching resources.

Wonderful Life is a great lesson for any Personal Finance class. It is fun, interactive and gives students a chance to get to know each other while setting goals and sharpening communication skills.

The assignment addresses national standards for personal finance and includes four pages of teacher notes, eight pages of detailed student instructions with graphics, a completed sample project, and a grading sheet ALL for FREE at TPT!


If you are looking for ways to get students talking about money management check out...

The Personal Finance Conversations Starters, Money Talks, are designed to get students talking about personal finance and money management and can be found at TPT.

The conversation starters are 160 question cards on a wide range of personal finance topics including saving, spending, investing, ambitions and goals, career choices, college, starting a business, charities, retirement, wills, job loss, the cost of health care, and bankruptcy. There are no right or wrong answers to the questions, only honest answers. To be successful students need only explain the reasoning behind their answers.



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