Reminders of my views on debt ceilings and deliberate defaults

Due to the ridonculuous non-solution to the "fiscal cliff" issue, there has been all sorts of crazy talk about the debt ceiling ceiling, trillion dollar platinum coins, and what not so of course I have been fielding emails and phone calls instead of writing my book, Little Business on the Prairie. Here are some links to my previous writings on the subject, which seem pretty darn prescient (esp. the bit about needing to borrow to help a part of the country ravaged by a natural disaster). Enjoy ... again, or for the first time. And please, no more b.s. about trillion dollar platinum coins (or any other denomination for that matter).

On this blog:

April 21, 2011: The Debt Ceiling Crisis

July 19, 2011: Debt Ceiling Dilemma

July 25, 2011: Why Deliberately Defaulting on the National Debt or Any Other Sums Owed Would be Unconstitutional

On the History News Network (HNN):

Original Intent and the Debt Ceiling

And if any of you are wondering what I think of the ICE takeover of the NYSE, see my post of this day on the Bloomberg Echoes blog:

NYSE's Long History of Mergers and Rivalries


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