One Key Thing

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to go to Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo, Iowa and speak in Mark Ryan’s Personal Finance Class. This was the first class that I visited that is using our Personal Finance book. It was really fun and exciting to be at a different college and in a different classroom and answer the student’s questions. The one question that I thought was most interesting was “What is the one key thing, or most important part of your book?”

After a little time, I answered that Chapter 1, ‘Values, Vision, Mission and You’, was the most important part of the book. If you know your values and have a vision for your future, financial decisions become easier. Whenever you make a financial decision, ask yourself if this decision or purchase is a reflection of your values. Is this really how you want to use your resource of money? Framing your decisions around your values allows you to achieve your goals and work towards your vision.

Knowing your personal mission helps you define your passions and what you do best. If you can turn your passions into profits, you never have to work another day in your life. Knowing you passions and strengths helps you find careers where you can excel.

I also shared with them that I thought our Personal Finance book was really about helping you increase your happiness. Money decisions are stressful and knowing your values, and setting your budget based on your values will reduce your stress and increase your happiness.

We hope that this blog and our Personal Finance book increases your happiness, helps you discover your vision, values and mission, and be in control of your finances. Thanks again to Mark Ryan, Hawkeye Community College, McGraw-Hill, and most importantly, the students in the class for hosting me for the hour. It was an honor to spend time with you.

All our best, Bob and Kristy


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