some love and much happiness

I'm having lunch at Sbarro, enjoying my favorite baked ziti. I'm being more mindful now of the little things that bring me gladness. I love that there's free wi-fi and I was able to post my countdown blog for the day.

I am glad that we can afford (with the help of my and husband's hmo cards) to go to a very nice clinic and seek the help of qualified doctors. I can't believe I've been to 6 doctors this week alone - 3 ob-gynecologists for my ovarian cyst, 1 dentist for prophylaxis and pasta, 1 general medicine doctor for my pre-employment and 1 ENT doctor for my ears and tongue.

I am happy that we have a yaya we can count on to take care of our son and I can enjoy some guilt-free me-time even if it involves going to the doctor and not to the salon.

I am fortunate to have pinkpad with me always so that i can capture my thoughts and share them instantly.

I am grateful for the prospect of my mother and my husband's family arriving tomorrow to lend support and take care of our toddler while mommy undergoes surgery.

I am enthralled of Johnoy Danao's voice and is looking forward to his podcast's company as I commute to our office today for some last-minute things before I go on leave.

I am fortunate to have the MRT as a dependable and convenient means of transportation to and from work. I'm also proud to say that I have less carbon footprint because I commute and not drive to work.

I am blessed to have another day to spend in this wonderful world. Hope to catch my husband later for some loving. He's kind of into something important these days and I pray that God bless and guide him more than ever. He actually needs support and prayers as much as I do.

Spread some love and much happiness today!


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