countdown 8: the day I had my surgery

It was a warm day and I was running carefree on the grass. I came across a clear stream and dipped both of my feet in the shallow water. I was about to touch the water when I felt someone tugging on my shoulders.

"Wake up Lianne, we're done. The cyst has been removed. You're okay."

She also said something about suctioning and my lips being wounded but I couldn't fully comprehend what was happening. All I knew was I was rudely awakened from a nice-bizarre dream.

I remember greeting my doctor happy birthday then I was wheeled out of the delivery room. I was asked to wave hello to my husband and I did even though everything still seemed hazy.

I continued sleeping in the recovery room. I dreamt of palabok and shrimps and was shamelessly munching on them until I awakened and caught myself chewing on air. It's good the nurse assigned to me was busy with paper works and didn't notice me. Although I had a perfect excuse for being extremely hungry: I was put through a cleansing enema at 9 pm the night before and a fleet enema at 5 am on the day of my surgery. My intestines were literally empty!

I didn't know what time it was. They wheeled me into the delivery room at about 8 am and I've been comfortably asleep since then. I did not feel anything because I was on general anesthesia all throughout the procedure.

I took stock of my body and did not feel any extreme pain or discomfort. I just felt groggy. I have learned later on that my operation took more than 4 hours and my ovarian cyst was successfully removed via laparoscopic surgery. I felt a huge relief. I did not want to undergo laparotomy.

I stayed for more than 2 hours in the recovery room before I was finally wheeled back to my room at around 3 pm on August 15th. I was greeted by my husband, my mother and my husband's family. I did not dare talk much since the nurses warned me of gas pain if I open my mouth a lot.

I was amazed at how the surgery had gone so smoothly and of how little pain I felt (I was on pain medications). God held my hands all throughout.

The doctor said I could go home the next day as long as I could successfully pee and fart. I did my best.


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