countdown 7: some drama after surgery

It's been a day after my laparoscopy and I'm now experiencing bouts of pain and moments of sadness. The doctor switched me to oral pain medication after discharging me from the hospital. But I couldn't complain, the pain is more tolerable than I expected. God is indeed good all the time.

My doctor said it would be two weeks before I can fully recover. The downside so far has only been that I could not play, cuddle and be with my son. His cries of mommy tear at my heart.

The upside is that I'm being spoiled by my mother. She's been cooking for me and serving my meals. I know this won't last long since she has work to go back to so I'm cherishing it as much as I can.

I'm not yet fully up to writing but it's better than moping and feeling the pain in my stomach for every small movement that I make.

I'm also keeping myself pre-occupied by reading the book Before Ever After by Samantha Sotto and I'm liking it so far. It brings back good memories of my brief sojourn in Europe. It has a refreshingly different approach to storytelling which is keeping me hooked. My mama has caught me sniffling twice over its pages. What can I say, I'm a cry-baby and I got carried away.


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