countdown 21: some ambitious goals

I have the tendency to skim through things that's why through the years I have become a jack of all trades, master of none. I am competent with many skills but I am not necessarily an expert in any particular one.

As I turn 30, one of my goals is to specialize and be outstanding in at least one thing. I'll try to lessen instances of merely trying to get by which sometimes make me feel like a fraud.

Easier said than done. I know this is one goal that would require time, hard work and constant practice.

Let this post be a reminder to myself that on this day, 1st of August 2011, I have decided to become outstanding in 3 things: my career as a CPA, parenting and writing.

May I strive to be an expert in my field, able to share and contribute to the development of others.

As a parent, I don't intend to be an expert by the standards of societal norms but only in the eyes of my son. May I become to him the best mom in the whole world.

May I continue to kindle my passion for writing and that though ambitious, may I touch the lives of others through my written thoughts and reflections.

May these goals contribute to my well-being as a person so that my husband will always be happy. As he aptly puts it, happy wife = happy life!

That's me, reaching for the moon, with the indispensable support of my husband


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